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Disegni, caricature e appunti di Gianfranco Giachetti, con dedica a Blasetti
Bozzetto di teatro, firmato A. Cairo. Reca l'annotazione "al secondo atto cambiare mobilio e quadri"

The Institute for artistic, cultural and natural heritage of Emilia Romagna region (IBC) Ibc-Archivi have chosen xDams for the reorganization and the inventory of the funds of the historical archives of local public administrations, private institutions, families and individuals of its own territory.

The project aims to promote the sharing of knowledge about local cultural heritage, making available online a set of resources, collected thanks the adoption of methodologies, standards, descriptions and uniform procedures.

The project has based on xDams cloud services which allows any remote user, of big or small institutions, to access to archival tools available on xDams back end. Hundred of users/fonds have already activate their own accounts, able to feed the XML regional database for the largest hosting experience using xDams.