State Central Archive

acsThe Central State Archive (ACS) in 2012 has started, supported by regesta.exe, the full publication of the entire documentary heritage thanks the Open Source platform xDams, on which has collected and standardized any pre-exixtent digital database.
At the address are now available at guide to the funds an many digital inventories.

The EAC-CPF ontology delivered during the project, mapping the archival standard description with RDF format has been included in W3C listing and university training program.
In the Archive all the most import documents of the state and personal archives of  Agostino Depretis, Francesco Crispi, Giovanni Giolitti, Vittorio Emanuele Orlando, Ferruccio Parri, Ugo La Malfa, Pietro Nenni, Luigi Moretti, Mario Paniconi, Giulio Pediconi, Riccardo Morandi, Plinio Marconi.

logoGrandeACS in partnership with regesta.exe and the Institute Cultural Heritage of the Emilia-Romagna region has realized the ReLoad (Repository for Open Archival Linked Data) project, selected among the three finalists of 2013 LODLAM Contest in Montreal.

Reload project had the aim of integrating the semantic web and linked open data (LOD) technologies to the archival documentation, exploiting their potential of interoperability for the promotion of cultural heritage, by sharing and integrating archival information from different sources.