Have I to install some software on my computer?

The only software you need is your browser, you’ll be able to work anywhere, anytime.

Have I to pay to activate my basic account?

There are no costs if the basic features are enough for you!

Do I pay if my archive exceeds the storage limit?

No, when you’ll be near your limit you will be free to choose if to upgrade to PRO service or if your storage is enough for your job

Can I have my data back?

Yes! When you want to stop the service we will send you data and attachments. In any case if you occasionally  need an export we will provide it toyou as XML files. XML is a data format machine readable but also human intellegible

Will be my data interoperable?

Yes! our data export format is XML (see previous answer) and the data structure has built in accordance with description standard described in the pages of this website

Will you publish my data?

We don’t. You are the only one who can decide to activate a guest profile in order to publish your records

What happens if I want to upgrade to PRO?

We make available additional features according with the plan you’ll choose. Data and attachments you have already recorded will be available under the new profile