About Service

The Archive Cloud is a service based on xDams (www.xdams.org), a complete platform for cultural heritage, released under an open source license by regesta, the company which manage this hosting service.

From 2004 regesta has launched on the market a specialistic cloud service for archiving and publishing the cultural heritage, from 2012 an entry level of this service is free of charge. Today all these experiences and competencies are in The Archives Cloud.

Hosting for free

You can activate a free account, requiring the service of the hosted platform so you can manage your own online archives with 4 GB of available space:

  • multiarchives (documents, photos, audiovisuals, artworks, people, ecc.)
  • support forum (on www.xdams.org)
  • no documents number limit
  • data export service
Upgrade to pro

If you need more or you prefer an high level support you can upgrade to commercial service for a professional use

Our team can offer specialistic services for any task connected with your digital archive project

  • digital archive design
  • new description standard implementation
  • import from existing databases
  • cataloging activities
  • design and development of customized websites
  • transforming and publishing as Linked (Open) Data
About xDams

xDams is a multimedia and document platform (read more information on en.xdams.org/xdams), specialized in the analytic description and management of various types of materials and information in the Cultural Heritage domain. The data model implemented is compliant with the most relevant standard of archival description (EAD, ISAAD, ISAAR, FIAF etc.)
xDams allows to access and browse archives in different ways: guide of the archival fonds, hierarchical structure, finding aids, list of the fonds creators, free and advanced search.

After 10 years as regesta property technology xDams has been released under an open source license in 2012. in few years regesta have released two new major releases (now 3.0.3 niniveh) and a large community has grown: around 400 known institutions/projects (but probably are more) thousands of users and more than 3500 download.

Here find an interactive map with all known users od the solution.

back end app for professionals

The web application provides a unified web access (Intranet and Internet) for inventory tasks adopting EAD XML Schema (Encoded Archival Description) and EAC-CPF XML Schema

interoperability e web data linking

The Archives Cloud normalizes data structures used and guarantee high interoperability level with SAN, Europeana ecc. Linked (Open) Data is the way for the worldwide semantic interoperability

customizable responsive website

different options for anyone: a standard interface, a customizable Wordpress website, SOLR standard API for expert users requiring the highest level of customization

cultural heritage valorization

An exhibition module integrated with Wordpress and the integration with Lodlive, the most famous graphic linked data browser, for a new experience in the semantic data discovery