Jewish Open Memory

A concert of tweets has announced that the Open Memory Project has won the Gran Prize at LODLAM challenge 2015.

Open Memory Project has been submitted to LODLAM2015 to tell about project by the CDEC Foundation (Center of Contemporary Jewish Documentation) of Milan, in collaboration with Regesta, to build a native LOD architecture for the digital library based on xDams and Bygle, the new open source technology by regesta. The OPAC of the CDEC Digital Library has been published online less than one year ago.

Open Memory Project identifies in particular the work done for the preparation of the first Ontology on the Holocaust in Italy, ontology which describes the knowledge domain related to events and people involved in racial persecution between 1943 and 1945.OpenMemoryLodview

Congratulations to CDEC and Regesta, they have shown that in Italy it’s possible to realize high-quality technology, thanks to all those who have worked to this project but also to Diego Camarda, another italian finalist ad LODLAM with Lodview.
Two projects among five one are Italians, a great achievement for Regesta, from which lab have come the two projects