xDams has involved in many project (hosted in housing) for the Italian Chamber of Deputies (Archivio Storico / portale Camera Luce)

regesta.exe is collaborating with the Chamber of Deputies since 1996. In these years has developed many projects, from the historical archive management by xDams until the integrated management of archives and documentation services using the Linked Data technologies

Historical Archives

Deputies regesta.exe has created a system for the computerized inventory of the funds and the acquisition of digital documents. Regesta.exe also created, within the institutional portal of the House, the website of the Archives to query and explore the different databases and archival access to digital publications of the Archive (in house xDams project). From June 2014 on the site of the Historical Archive was published a list of the documents declassified by the parliamentary commissions of inquiry available in digital form with a request online

Topics of parliamentary

regesta.exe has realized an application for the preparation and publication of the documents produced and collected by the Research Department as a support to legislative work of the Chamber

The Historical Portal

On the occasion of the 150th anniversary of the Italy Unification regesta.exe has realized for the Chamber of Deputies a complete restoration of organization, arrangement and standardization of digital materials produced by the House Historical building a portal that collects and publishes, From the technological point of view the portal infrastructure is based on a single repository data in open format RDF-XML, structured on the basis of a general ontology, which describes the internal knowledge domain


dati.camera.it is a publishing and sharing platform of Linked Open Data with aSPARQL endpoint for the search and the semantic navigation.

On the site dati.camera.it you can access, download and reuse all published data: the entire historical heritage and all information on the daily activities parliamentary (reports and debates, voting, bills). Information consists of more than 458 million RDF triples, updated daily.