xdams3000 downloads in three years (downloads are probably more because we can’t check downloads from Github) is an amazing achievement for us because it’s the best proof of our contribution to the open source movement, together with the three versions that we have released in the same years, signal that xDams is an evolving project (more info here… in italian sorry!).
To celebrate this event we have decided to enpower the opportunities for the xDams community increasing, from one to all, the archives available (at the same time) by the free hosting service (5000 documents limitation).


At now we have the following archives configuration :

  • Historical (EAD)
  • Pictures (ICCD – F)
  • Audiovisual (FIAF)
  • Objects and artworks (ICCD – OA)


With the authority files, for people and places, common for all archives.

The news don’t end here because we will soon release a new version with LIDO, the XML standard of the International Council of Museums (ICOM), configured thanks the collaboration with the Pratt Institute of New York. It will available many new features as the FIND REPLACE function, but we are ready to surprise with more innovation for the whole community of xDams