Pirelli-Bozzetti_011-300x207The Pirelli Foundation has online published funds and indexes, witness of the evolution of one of the italian leading companies, active all over the world and industrial pride of this country. The Foundation has chosen the xDams open source technology as reference platform to continue the work of digitalization began some years ago.

In the “Drawings and Posters” everyone can access to the fascinating “art” of the historical Pirelli. Through the three courses currently offered, “Sketches for advertising”, “Drawings for illustration” and “Drawings for the fiftieth anniversary” users can appreciate interesting works by important artists and designersPirelli-home-280x300

The section “Photographs”, has dedicated to the photographic material produced, or commissioned, by the “function of Advertising and Communication”, and it offers three access paths for consultation.  The spots with Juan Manuel Fangio, in 1966, are very interesting, fifteen episodes are shot with the champions of the tire brand to sponsor the italian television program “Carosello” (Carousel).


(In house xDams O.S. project)